Our Services

We shoot very large, high-resolution images. Often as large as 4000x4000 pixels. You'll want them resized. Your options are limitless.

Image Size

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Tell us your needs and we can guide you.

For eBay auctions, or for sharing by email, 500 or 600 pixels is plenty. Websites can handle larger but anything over 1000 pixels is really overkill. If you would simply like the largest image possible, that can be arranged as well.

For cataloging or other personal use sometimes a very large image is enjoyable and useful. Varieties and Mint errors like doubling, repunched dates and mintmarks, and overdates are fun to see in detail. Of course these large images are also very large in storage size. They would be impractical or inappropriate for emailing or posting to an online collector forum.

If you might have your images hardcopy-printed, go with a larger size, like 1000 pixels. It is easy to reduce an image size but always a bad idea to enlarge a small picture.


A popular, handsome presentation is the standalone coin image, freed from the grading holder. We can circle crop the image and, at your option, place it on a nice background color. Most collectors prefer solid white or black but of course we can do any color. If you have a special background you'd like send it along and we'll use that.

Some collectors want the coin type and grade cited below the images, in a contrasting font color. E.g., A circle-cropped Lincoln cent (both sides) placed side by side on a black background with a light blue classic font that says "1909 S-VDB PCGS MS65RD". Let us know what you'd like.

Slab Photos

Images of the coin in its holder can be useful for auctions and other reasons. There is no extra charge for these additional images. They will be rectangle-cropped and resized to roughly 450x600 pixels. No other post-processing (editing) is done.

Special Presentation

Your coins can be imaged and shown with beautiful style through the use of a special template, your creation or ours. The example on the left is a bullion coin that has been circle-cropped, placed on a black background with spotlight and fading mirror effects, and tasteful text to described the coin. Special presentations like this require a bit more work and are priced somewhat higher but costs are very reasonable. Contact us and we can review your ideas and quote the price.

Your Finished Product

Images can be placed on a cloud server for you to view, download, reference, etc. Or we can ship a flashdrive with the images. You decide!

Return Shipping

We will return coins according to your instructions. We typically ship Priority, Express, or registered mail through USPS, but we will use another carrier if you prefer. Insurance will be purchased or we will use your private insurance.